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Ask Jenna: World Cup Edition!

Here’s a special edition of “Ask Jenna”, World Cup style! As always, these questions are all in random order and the answers are just made up. 1.) “Who’s the sexy World Cup referee?” (Actual quote.) Yeahhhhh…..that’d be Felix: 2.) How does the vanishing spray actually vanish? You know, I don’t really know. Nor does anyone else. Everything you read about it just

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World Cup 2014: Meet the Refs!

FIFA has put up short YouTube videos of each of the center referees who will participate in the World Cup in Brazil beginning this Thursday. They’re pretty fascinating and a great way to get to know these men who will have such an impact on the tournament. The referees themselves are pretty adorable. And because I know you’re dying to know,

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Ask Jenna

It’s Sunday, so that means it’s time for me to make all your dreams come true. Or answer your refereeing questions. Either way. Still have questions? Try Ask Jenna, Parts the First and Second. 1.) Why were five minutes added to the Champions League Final? Still lots of questions about why Bjorn Kuipers added five minutes onto Real Madrid v.

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Howard Webb to Referee Ledley King Testimonial

“Ledley! Ledley! He’s got one knee! But he’s still better than John Terry!” Now that the shouting’s over and Manchester City have their trophy, we can get down to the fun matches: testimonials and charity matches. Even though these usually pit real footballers against aging actors and retired players, they still need referees. So, when Ledley King steps onto the

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Serie A Referees: May 10 and 11

Serie A is still trailing Premier League by a week or two, but all of the fun has been sucked out of it by Juventus (ain’t that always the way). Anti-climax aside, there are still a couple of interesting matches this weekend, including Inter v. Lazio, featuring Davide Massa (above) and, of course, the always-lively Roma v. Juventus, handled by

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