Champions League Referee, April 23: Howard Webb

England’s Top Dog, Howard Webb will referee the first leg of the Real Madrid v. Bayern Munich semifinal on Wednesday, April 23.

Regular readers know that I think Webb, despite his experience and the fact that he already has his ticket to Brazil, isn’t England’s best referee anymore. That honour now goes to Mark Clattenburg, while Webb has visibly struggled in domestic competition this season, making several key errors.

But rest easy, because his international outings have been pretty good. His calm demeanor and way of working with players should be put to the test here.

Let’s just hope his police training isn’t; these guys can get a little feisty.


  • It seems UEFA has been putting a lot of English referees on Spanish club games this season.


    • It sure does. I’m a bit surprised to see Howard in the semis. Next week’s appointments will be interesting.

      Good apples to apples conparison for Webb and Clatts, both handling RM…


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