Lewis Holtby Takes Out Howard Webb, Who Takes Out Lewis Holtby

I’ve always loved Lewis Holtby.

He’s like an adorable puppy hopped up on too much kibble and not enough sleep: Lewis sees ball. Lewis must have ball.

Even if that ball is currently being dribbled by the referee.

Yes, even Howard Webb got into the spirit at Ledley King’s testimonial at White Hart Lane on Monday, playfully dribbling the ball around the Legends players.

But he had the ball. And Lewis wanted the ball.

So he took it from him.

Hilarity ensued as Webb went down. Not so hilarious for Holtby, though, when the 6’2″ Webb stood back up.

Here’s the Vine video.

Photo: Daily Mail


  • I was on the Lane last Monday, saw it as well, hilarious and entertaining stuff! Another fun thing with assistant ref who gave his flag to a fan who then proceeded to run downwards and upwards for the next 5 minutes only to find out that it’s actually a tough job for a Assistant ref to stay fit!


    • HAHA! Thanks for sharing!

      Yes, I had a friend that thought he could “do it better” than the assistant referees in the youth league. Nearly killed him…


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