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Mark Clattenburg Takes His Time

So, old Clatts is doing his usual high-profile derby game with Manchester United v. City, and makes one of his usual high profile calls. The basics: Vincent Kompany comes flying in with what appears to be a high foot and appears to take out the United player. Seems a straightforward red card if you don’t know what you’re doing. But

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Champions League Referees: April 9

It’s the attack of the middle-aged bald(ing) referees for Champions League on Wednesday, April 9. Jonas Eriksson of Sweden will referee Bayern Munich v. Manchester United, and Howard Webb of England will officiate Atletico Madrid v. Barcelona. The last time Jonas Eriksson officiated a Manchester team in the Champions League, he had a really hard time of it (see above).

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Red Card or Not: Manchester United v. Bayern Munich

Yes, it was a dive. Wayne Rooney took advantage of a poorly-thought out challenge from Bastian Schweinsteiger, who was already on a yellow. Rooney tripped over him and literally threw himself into the air, arms splayed, head thrown back, like the worst ballerina ever. The dive worked, though; Rooney conned referee Carlos Velasco Carballo into a second yellow card and a sending off

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Champions League Referees: March 19

The Champions League referees for Wednesday, March 19 have been announced. UEFA have clearly moved away from using non-Elite referees in these matches, because these guys are about as Elite as they come. Arguably the world’s top ref, Bjorn Kuipers (above), will referee Manchester United’s tie against Olympiakos. Moyes and company shouldn’t have much to complain about there; Kuipers is

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