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Sunday Referee Roundup

If you follow me on Facebook (and if you don’t, you should!),  you’ll notice I post a lot of one-off stories about referees that may not warrant their own post. There’ve been quite a few interesting stories this week, so I thought I’d gather them all together into a Sunday Roundup. Craig Bellamy: I do feel for referees Bellamy famously

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Lee Probert To Referee FA Cup Final

The FA Cup final between Arsenal and Hull City will take place at Wembley on Saturday, May 17. Here are the officials: Referee: Lee Probert Assistant Referees: Jake Collin and Mick McDonough Fourth Official: Kevin Friend Reserve AR: Simon Bennett There’s a very sweet article about Probert in the Wiltshere Gazette and Herald. He talks about what it means to

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Ask Jenna!

I get a report every day that tells me what people are searching for when they land on Play the Advantage. Between that report and my inbox, I have a pretty good idea of the burning questions people are dying to get answered. In the spirit of service that permeates everything I do, I’m starting a new feature to answer said burning questions. So,

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Lee Probert Gets FA Cup Final

How awesome is this?! My imaginary boyfriend, Lee Probert, has been given the FA Cup Final between Arsenal and Hull City at Wembley on May 17. Look how sweet he is: “The first person I thought about was my dad who I lost six years ago. He was always there to support me throughout my career and it’s payback for

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More Lee Probert! (Arsene Wenger’s Sending Off)

I’m sorry, I can’t help myself. I know there’s lots of important stuff going on in the refereeing world (like Nicola Rizzoli babying half the Sassuolo team over a non-existent penalty), but I’m obsessed with Lee Probert. I hope there’s a medication for that. Anyway I’m sorry, but this is hilarious. This is Gordon Strachan narrating Lee getting Arsene Wenger tossed for kicking

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I’m in Love with Lee Probert

So, apparently it’s Lee Probert Week here on Play the Advantage. Which is a magical week, indeed. Not only have I had two different stories on him this week (this one and that one), but he’s shown up in two other stories about other referees. So, I figured since it’s Friday, I’ll just go all in and declare my undying Probert Love.

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