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Champions League Quarterfinal Referees: April 2

For the record, Mark Clattenburg is on fire this year. Just when I said I suspected that there would be no non-World Cup referees in the Champions League quarterfinals, he comes up big for Real Madrid v. Dortmund. It’s a shame, really. Howard Webb’s struggles are well-known, and Clatts is having the year of his life. If the last 6-9 months were

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More Lee Probert! (Arsene Wenger’s Sending Off)

I’m sorry, I can’t help myself. I know there’s lots of important stuff going on in the refereeing world (like Nicola Rizzoli babying half the Sassuolo team over a non-existent penalty), but I’m obsessed with Lee Probert. I hope there’s a medication for that. Anyway I’m sorry, but this is hilarious. This is Gordon Strachan narrating Lee getting Arsene Wenger tossed for kicking

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Andre Marriner Speaks on Arsenal Error

Last week, I said I’d love to see Premier League referees allowed to explain themselves in controlled conditions. And this week that’s exactly what’s happened. Andre Marriner was made available to the Telegraph after his mistake at Arsenal last weekend. In case you were hiding under a rock, he sent off Kieran Gibbs instead of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain after AOC slapped a

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I’m in Love with Lee Probert

So, apparently it’s Lee Probert Week here on Play the Advantage. Which is a magical week, indeed. Not only have I had two different stories on him this week (this one and that one), but he’s shown up in two other stories about other referees. So, I figured since it’s Friday, I’ll just go all in and declare my undying Probert Love.

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MLS Referees: March 29 and 30

Here are the MLS referees for this upcoming weekend, March 29 and 30. You’ll notice that some of the officials – including the fourth official for my hometown Earthquakes, Ioannis Stavridis – were replacement referees. So, it does appear that PRO is working some of these guys into the rotation. Plus, MLS may have scored the jackpot on Best Referee

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