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Champions League Referees: April 21 and 22

This week’s biggest game is no doubt Real Madrid v. Atletico Madrid Wednesday, and I’m sure none of my regular readers will be surprised that I’m super excited about it. Not because it will be a great match (which it no doubt will be), but because it will be refereed by the one, the only: Dr. Dreamy. Yes, German referee

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World Cup Appointments, Saturday June 28

FIFA aren’t screwing around with the first knockout stage games. They’re pulling out the big guns: Howard Webb of England and Bjorn Kuipers of Netherlands (both shown above). Brazil v. Chile will need a strong hand, and they have it in Webb, who was stellar in his last appearance. Kuipers has impressed in this tournament, as well. Also, we get some pretty, pretty boys

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Ask Jenna: World Cup Edition!

Here’s a special edition of “Ask Jenna”, World Cup style! As always, these questions are all in random order and the answers are just made up. 1.) “Who’s the sexy World Cup referee?” (Actual quote.) Yeahhhhh…..that’d be Felix: 2.) How does the vanishing spray actually vanish? You know, I don’t really know. Nor does anyone else. Everything you read about it just

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World Cup 2014: Meet the Refs!

FIFA has put up short YouTube videos of each of the center referees who will participate in the World Cup in Brazil beginning this Thursday. They’re pretty fascinating and a great way to get to know these men who will have such an impact on the tournament. The referees themselves are pretty adorable. And because I know you’re dying to know,

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