Thoughts From Jenna: Iran v. Argentina Post Comments

This is why I had to stop taking comments on the Argentina v. Iran penalty post.

Also, hopefully this will put to bed the debate that I’m not a Real Girl.


  • Oh my gosh! I totally thought you were a robot!


    • I was referred to as “Soccer Siri” yesterday.




      • Was it said in a bad way like a know-it-all? or that you are super cool because you know all things refereeing/football? 😛


      • Did not think of you as Soccer Siri, but since the only visualisation of siri was on big bang theory, I now am forced to imagen you like that in your favorite referee shirt… Hope you don’t mind but that is your fault now… But I hope you don’t see that as a insult as Jesse and Becky are both super good looking.

        Ps not that matters if you are smoking hot or that you would be better off with a paperbag, it is about the referees and most of the times I think you give a good analyses of the game, I must disagree sometimes but looking forward to the next one. I enjoyed the ref during the NL Chili match he was imho close to invisible and always clear with his calls no matter how much Chili begged for something. Maybe I missed some moments as because the result was not super important I walked away to get my food and drink more often.


        • I thought Gassama was really good! He allowed Netherlands to play a physical game without getting TOO physical, and he didn’t fall for all the screaming from Chile. He seemed personable, too.

          Shakralla from Bahrain was even more invisible during Australia v. Spain. (Though I’ve only seen the first half so far…)

          And maybe I should answer the Ask Jenna questions this way since I’m now Soccer Siri…


  • Awwwww. You sound really tired and frustrated at the end of that audio recording. Take a break! Don’t need to keep up with demand.
    Don’t burn yourself out!

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    • Actually, my friends are laughing, because I’m always telling them I don’t like them today. Or, more often: “I hate mean my little friends.”


  • Some people can be very dumb. I love you Jenna, even though you’re a girl, and girls know nothing about football other than who the hottest ref is… 😉

    If it wasn’t for my Mum I would never get to go to football, she takes me to games all over the UK & has done since I was a baby. Real Men know that the perfect woman is one you can watch the football with & they know what they are talking about. Keep smiling & ignore the haters – their loss not yours.

    Big hugs xoxoxoxox

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  • You have received insight into what it is like to be a referee.

    In recreational youth leagues, adult coed games, college games, high school contests, tournaments, any kind of contest…
    Referees make people upset.

    Anyone with any kind of referee career has a tale of abuse similar to what you describe. Some of the most competent, fittest, professional referees I work with get games that cause controversy. Therefore, they have stories of abuse.
    Regularly, the officials meet at halftime and can’t figure out why someone was upset.

    Anyone who has problems with a referee decision needs to get their referee certification. Two or three men in the World Cup Got started that way.

    In my experience, those who have a badge rarely second-guess another official except to offer developmental help, and when they do, the other official knows they deserve it.

    And Jenna, with your knowledge you could pass the course cold. We always need another good official.


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