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Thoughts on the Semifinal Referee: Marco Rodriguez

Few people expected this game to end the way it did: with a 7-1 Brazil defeat. In fact, what most people expected – a brutal, ugly display and possibly retaliation for Neymar’s injury – didn’t happen at all and  much of the credit for that can be given to Rodriguez. He could have called an early foul for Brazil right

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Referee for World Cup Semifinal Between Brazil and Germany: Marco Rodriguez

Marco Rodriguez of Mexico – known as “chiquidracula” partly for his love of hair product – will take the first semifinal, between Brazil and Germany. Rodriguez has had a good tournament, and what’s more, he’s proven that he can handle making tough calls. It was, after all, Rodriguez who sent off Italy’s Claudio Marchisio for a studs up challenge. This

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Luis Suarez Ban: Is it Fair?

By now, everyone’s heard FIFA’s pronouncement on Luis Suarez and his inability to control himself. FIFA said he violated “Article 48”, which I assume prohibits players from being giant dickheads. Nine matches (including the rest of the World Cup) Four months of no football activity whatsoever: No training or playing for club or country, no supporting from the stands, no

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