Red Card or Not: Velasco and England v. Uruguay

The most controversial moment of the 2-1 Uruguayan victory over England came at around 30 minutes.

Daniel Sturridge was sprinting down the sideline toward goal, pursued by Uruguay captain Diego Godin.

In what appeared to be a cynical attempt to stop the run of play, Godin reached out and slapped Sturridge in the throat, elbow first. The professional foul worked, and Sturridge got the foul call.

Yellow card, you say?

No. Godin was already on a yellow, and the Spanish referee – Carlos Velasco – inexplicably chose not to give that second yellow. It appeared to me (hampered though I am by ESPN’s angles) that Velasco ever-so-briefly reached for his pocket; someone with better coverage might be able to opine on that.

If Uruguay had played with 10 men for 60 minutes, the outcome might have been very different and England might not be the team going home.

Note: I do not like to make decisions like this on photographic evidence like the above alone. But I’m having trouble sourcing a video right now. As soon as I get one, I’ll update this post.

In the meantime, what do you think? Red card or not? Tell us why below.

Featured photo: Daily Mail


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