Penalty or Not: Osses and Italy v. Costa Rica

Dear me, Enrique Osses, dear me.

In about the 42nd minute of the Italy v. Costa Rica game, Joel Campbell was racing toward Italy’s goal. He was controlling the ball and running forward.

Giorgio Chiellini of Italy was beaten and he knew it. So, he committed a professional foul and pushed Campbell down from behind.

Penalty and yellow card? You’d think. Osses saw neither, even though he was in a decent position to see it, and waved Campbell up.

Bryan Ruiz (above) scored a couple of minutes later to take the sting off, but it doesn’t negate the call.

Looking at the video, despite Campbell’s control, I don’t necessarily think it was a clear denial of goalscoring opportunity, so not a red card. But I don’t see how it’s not a penalty.

What do you think? Tell us below.


  • Penalty…I agree, red card would have been too harsh, but it was a clear penalty. Good thing that they scored shortly after.

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  • Or he saw it and lacked the courage to make the call. Campbell’s head was down and he was thinking about his rising salary during the next transfer window, after he scored this goal. Chiellini is the Italian word for “hack”. All of us who need to referee this fall are screwed the next time we call a PK after the events of this WC.


    • I’m not sure I’m understanding your comment about “his rising salary”

      But yes, unfortunately, the PK calls have been inconsistent. They were calling them tight at first, and I could have lived with that if they’d stayed consistent. But now they’re all over the place.


      • As with all WC competitions a few players see their value increase due to their performances. I think Campbell might be one of them. He’s been loaned out for the past three seasons from Arsenal – you wonder if he stays in London next year???


        • I don’t know. But I do know in that moment he was wholly focused and driving toward goal. To blame him (he didn’t miss, he was pushed down) is unfair.


  • Clear penalty and Y.C


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