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The Hublot Referee Board

Have you noticed that weird-ass board the fourth officials are holding up to note substitutions and added time? Well, that’s the biggest piece of product placement you’ll ever see. Yes, luxury watch maker Hublot bought the game board. Not only does it say ‘HUBLOT’ in giant letters, as it has in the past, but it’s actually shaped like the original

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Saturday Fun: Who’s Harry Lennard?

So, I’m getting all these weird search terms in my stats: Harry Lennard Assistant Referee Premier League Assistant Referees Harry Lennard And I have no idea who this clown is. So, in the name of research, of course, I do a Google image search and I’m all: OH…   HeLLO, Harry Lennard! Thanks for the heads up, ladies (I presume). (And if

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More Lee Probert! (Arsene Wenger’s Sending Off)

I’m sorry, I can’t help myself. I know there’s lots of important stuff going on in the refereeing world (like Nicola Rizzoli babying half the Sassuolo team over a non-existent penalty), but I’m obsessed with Lee Probert. I hope there’s a medication for that. Anyway I’m sorry, but this is hilarious. This is Gordon Strachan narrating Lee getting Arsene Wenger tossed for kicking

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I’m in Love with Lee Probert

So, apparently it’s Lee Probert Week here on Play the Advantage. Which is a magical week, indeed. Not only have I had two different stories on him this week (this one and that one), but he’s shown up in two other stories about other referees. So, I figured since it’s Friday, I’ll just go all in and declare my undying Probert Love.

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Howard Webb Gets in Fight!

How’s that for sensationalistic headlines? It was supposed to be a quiet weekend for Howard Webb. All he had to do as the fourth official at Hull City v. Newcastle was to stand around, looking intimidating. (As he does.) Unfortunately, all that training as a policeman had to come into play, because Newcastle manager Alan Pardew is just a crazy

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Nicola Rizzoli’s Hair

I should do a serious post about how Manuel Pelligrini’s unprecedented attack on Jonas Eriksson can’t go unpunished. (And by serious, I mean one that sadly does not include the word asshattery.) I should examine the virtual bloodbath of red cards in just two days’ worth of Champions League matches. I should talk about what should happen to Arsenal’s Goalkeeper

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