Howard Webb to Referee Ledley King Testimonial

Ledley! Ledley! He’s got one knee! But he’s still better than John Terry!”

Now that the shouting’s over and Manchester City have their trophy, we can get down to the fun matches: testimonials and charity matches. Even though these usually pit real footballers against aging actors and retired players, they still need referees.

So, when Ledley King steps onto the White Hart Lane pitch for the last time in a Tottenham shirt, English footballing’s other famous bald head will step out with him: Howard Webb.

Here are the officiating crew:

Referee: Howard Webb
Assistants: Darren Cann, Mike Mullarkey
Fourth Official: David Bushell

Webb, Cann and Mullarkey all took a match Sunday, so usually a match on Monday would be out of the question. But something tells me keeping up with one-kneed Ledley and his friends won’t tax them overmuch.

Get the details on Ledley’s testimonial.

A special thanks to my reader Mini Whistler and his mother for finding this information for me. If you haven’t checked out this remarkable young man’s blog, you should. When he’s a world famous referee and you can say “I knew him when” (sort of), you’ll thank me.

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