World Cup 2014


Here’s where you can find all World Cup-related information here on Play the Advantage. As always, we’ll be focused on referees and referee-related news.

Daily Reviews: Thoughts on the Referees
Final (Rizzoli)
Third-place Playoff (Haimoudi)
Semifinal Game 2 (Cakir)
Semifinal Game 1 (Rodriguez)
Quarterfinals, Games 3 and 4 (Rizzoli, Irmatov)
Quarterfinals, Games 1 and 2 (Pitana, Velasco Carballo)
Knockout Stages: Day Four (Eriksson, Haimoudi)
Knockout Stages: Day Three (Geiger, Ricci)
Knockout Stages: Day Two (Proenca, Williams)
Knockout Stages: Day One (Webb, Kuipers)
Group Stages: Day Fifteen (Irmatov, Shukralla, Cakir, Williams)
Group Stages: Day Fourteen (Rizzoli, Velasco, Pitana, Doue)
Group Stages: Day Thirteen (Rodriguez, Haimoudi, Proenca, Vera)
Group Stages: Day Twelve (Gassama, Shukralla, Eriksson, Irmatov)
Group Stages: Day Eleven (Brych, Roldan, Pitana)
Group Stages: Day Ten (Mazic, Ricci, O’Leary)
Group Stages: Day Nine (Osses, Kuipers, Williams)
Group Stages: Day Eight (Webb, Velasco, Aguilar)
Group Stages: Day Seven (Haimoudi, Geiger, Proenca)
Group Stages: Day Six (Rodriguez, Cakir, Pitana)
Group Stages: Day Five (Mazic, Vera, Eriksson)
Group Stages: Day Four (Irmatov, Ricci, Aguilar)
Group Stages: Day Three (Geiger, Brych, Kuipers, Osses)
Group Stages: Day Two (Roldan, Rizzoli, Doue)

Referee Call Analysis: Brazil 2014

Top Five Performances: Group and Knockout Stages
Why Wasn’t Thomas Muller Carded for Diving
Should Suarez be Banned for Biting?
Red Card or Not: Germany v. Portugal
Red Card or Not: England v. Uruguay
Red Card or Not: Italy v. Uruguay
Red Card or Not: Ecuador v. France
Red Card or Not: South Korea v. Belgium
Red Card or Not: France v. Nigeria
Penalty or Not: Brazil v. Croatia
Penalty or Not: Spain v. Netherlands
Penalty or Not: Netherlands v. Australia
Penalty or Not: Italy v. Costa Rica
Penalty or Not: Argentina v. Iran
Penalty or Not: Belgium v. Russia
Penalty or Not: Greece v Ivory Coast
Penalty or Not: Netherlands v Mexico
Goal or Not: Honduras v. Ecuador
Goal or Not: Brazil v. Chile


World Cup Final, July 13 (Germany v. Argentina)


Third Place Playoff, July 12 (Brazil v. Netherlands)


Semifinals: Tuesday, July 8 (Brazil v. Germany)
Semifinals: Wednesday, July 9 (Netherlands v. Argentina)
Quarterfinals: Friday, July 4 (France v Germany, Brazil v Colombia)
Quarterfinals: Saturday, July 5 (Argentina v Belgium, Netherlands v Costa Rica)

Knockout Round: Saturday, June 28 (Brazil v Chile, Colombia v Uruguay)
Knockout Round: Sunday, June 29 (Netherlands v Mexico, Costa Rica v Greece)
Knockout Round: Monday, June 30 (France v Nigeria, Germany v Algeria)
Knockout Round: Tuesday July 1 (Argentina v Switzerland, Belgium v USA)
Nishimura gets Brazil v. Croatia Opener
Group Stages: Friday, June 13
Group Stages: Saturday, June 14
Group Stages: Sunday, June 15
Group Stages: Monday, June 16
Group Stages: Tuesday, June 17
Group Stages: Wednesday, June 18
Group Stages: Thursday, June 19
Group Stages: Friday, June 20
Group Stages: Saturday, June 21
Group Stages: Sunday, June 22
Group Stages: Monday, June 23
Group Stages: Tuesday, June 24
Group Stages: Wednesday, June 25
Group Stages: Thursday, June 26

Just for Fun

Ask Jenna: World Cup Edition
The Top Five Hottest Referees in the World Cup
The Insanely Boring Lives of World Cup Referees
Meet the Referees!

Referee Profiles
Howard Webb (England)

Goal Line Tech
Vanishing Spray
The Ball: Brazuca
The Hublot Match Referee Board

World Cup Referee Articles
Refereeing Changes for Brazil 2014: Good or Bad?
Thoughts on Referees for Semifinals and Final
2014 World Cup Referee List (January 2014)
Match Fixing and the 2014 World Cup Referees
The Men of Europe
The Wall Street Journal on the World Cup Referee Selection Process

FIFA Official
Official World Cup Referee Site, FIFA
An Interview with Massimo Busacca on Preparing Referees for the World Cup


Allez la Suisse!

Allez la Suisse!


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