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Mark Clattenburg Takes His Time

So, old Clatts is doing his usual high-profile derby game with Manchester United v. City, and makes one of his usual high profile calls. The basics: Vincent Kompany comes flying in with what appears to be a high foot and appears to take out the United player. Seems a straightforward red card if you don’t know what you’re doing. But

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Penalty or Not: Mark Clattenburg and Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere Handball

There’s a lot of buzz about this supposed Jack Wilshere handball in Arsenal’s 2-2 draw with Manchester City  Saturday. Manuel Pellegrini thinks it should have been a penalty; referee Mark Clattenburg did not. Let’s be clear: This issue is not why Manchester City did not win this match, despite what Pellegrini wants you to believe. The two Arsenal goals happened

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Thoughts on the Premier League Referees, Matchweek 4: Clattenburg, Pawson and Mason.

Here are some thoughts I had watching a few of today’s Premier League referees in action. These are just my general impressions; they’re not scientific, and I don’t try and nitpick every single decision. But, as always, if you saw something I didn’t, let us know in comments below. Mark Clattenburg, Arsenal v. Manchester City Clatts was in rare form

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