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MLS Referees – July 28 through August 3

Well, there’s been all of diddly going on since the World Cup in the referee news world (magical world that it is), and that’s been fine by me. 60-odd games in a row – most accompanied by margaritas – and I needed the break. But now that I’ve had a chance to stretch my legs, I’m starting to miss my

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Great World Cup Referee Performances: Group and Knockout Stages

The standard of refereeing has been a talking point in this World Cup since before the tournament even started. Hardly a surprise; referee bashing should be a sport in and of itself. But while there have definitely been some issues, there have been some excellent performances, as well. I’ve watched almost every match, so I decided to go back through my

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MLS Referees: April 19 & 23

Here are the referees for this upcoming week in MLS. Top referee Hilario Grajeda (above) is in Columbus, while Chicago Fire v. New England Revolution wins the Best Referee Name of the Week award, with both Sorin Stoica and Kermit Quisenberry on board. Notice who’s missing? Mark Geiger, the United States representative at the World Cup. It’s been a few weeks since he’s

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