Penalty or Not: Carlos Vera and Greece v. Ivory Coast

Greece went through to the knockout stages by the skin of their teeth: A stoppage time penalty award by Ecuadoran referee Carlos Vera. Here it is…

What do you think? Penalty or not?

Featured photo: Huffington Post


  • Honestly, the situation is really hard to see there, but then I neither was sure what I saw during the game…I guess the penalty got awarded because the one player kind of tripped the other by deliberately putting his leg in the way?


  • Penalty to me, first time I found it hard to see, first replay I saw, I was like no penalty, then replay in slomo showed the leg got deflected by the defender cause it to hook himself, therefor penalty. Good call from the referee.


  • From the first expresion its in doubt , but second video from other angle its clear – it was a ilegal contact (foul) so it is a clear penalty ( sorry for not excelent englisch gramar )


    • Yes, but that’s the thing… Which is actually right? If we look at it in real time and it only appears to be a foul in slow motion – is it?

      You can’t slow everything down and decide.


  • Ridiculous call. The Ivory Coast player took his lane. He made no effort to cause the fall. The Greek player caused the contact and thus used the contact to fall on his own.


    • I’m not sure you saw the play correctly. The Greek player was actually planted and kicking the ball, his focus on the ball completely and not moving. The IC player ran right into his kicking leg, causing him to miss the shot. It was really not a ridiculous call at all.

      I have no idea what you mean by “took his lane”…


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