Champions League Referees: April 15

Wednesday may be Tax Day in America, but at least there’s some decent Champions League matches to offset it.

England’s Mark Clattenburg (above) continues his march to the big time with the marquee matchup: Paris St. Germain v. Barcelona.

This is a bit of a risk for me, since my friend and rabid PSG fan, France (not his real name), will blame me personally if Clatts and his team of Simon Beck and Jake Collin do poorly.

So don’t f it up, Clatts.

As for the other match, Porto v. Bayern Munich, we’ll see World Cup punching bag Carlos Velasco Carballo of Spain. Velasco was very good once upon a time, but is now kind of like a bad penny: total rubbish and yet just keeps showing up.

Public Service Announcement for American media: Dude is Spanish. That means his surname is actually his second name, not the last one. So, it’s properly Carlos Velasco not Carlos Carballo. If you really cannot fucking stand that he doesn’t use American naming conventions, call him Carlos Velasco Carballo so you don’t sound like a moron.


Learn how UEFA chooses referees for Champions League.

One comment

  • I think that’s a tad harsh on Velasco Carballo, because he has had two solid Europa League matches, and I hope this gives him more confidence in the future. But the Spanish name thing really does annoy me so thanks for that!


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