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Serie A Referees, Week 2

The Italians are basically entering their second week of play after the international break. As I’ve mentioned before, the addition of added referees on the goal lines means the center referees “rotate” more than you see in England, so World Cup Final referee Nicola Rizzoli (above) will only feature as an add at Lazio this week. There is an interesting article

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Serie A Referees, Matchweek 1

Ah, Italia! The Serie A season kicks off this weekend, and as always, there’s plenty of refereeing eye candy to go around. One note about Serie A: Unlike English Premier League, Serie A employs “additional referees” – two referees at either goal line – to assist the center referee. These men are usually center referees themselves, which means that Serie

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Serie A Referees: May 17 and 18

Hard to believe we’re almost at the end of yet another Serie A season. Here are this upcoming weekend’s referees. Italy’s World Cup team – Nicola Rizzoli, Andrea Stefani and Renato Faverani (all pictured above) – are together in Florence. It looks like Stefani is finally shaking off the injury he’s been carrying for a while, just in time for Brazil.

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Serie A Referees: May 10 and 11

Serie A is still trailing Premier League by a week or two, but all of the fun has been sucked out of it by Juventus (ain’t that always the way). Anti-climax aside, there are still a couple of interesting matches this weekend, including Inter v. Lazio, featuring Davide Massa (above) and, of course, the always-lively Roma v. Juventus, handled by

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Serie A Referees: April 25-28

It must suck to be an Italian referee not named Nicola Rizzoli. He basically owns that league, and whenever there’s a big match, he’s pretty much like: “All your base are belong to us!”. Little dude’s not into sharing.* No other referee is really going to have a legitimate shot at anything cool until Rizzoli retires or gets the measles. In the meantime,

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