Ask Jenna: World Cup Edition!

Here’s a special edition of “Ask Jenna”, World Cup style! As always, these questions are all in random order and the answers are just made up.

1.) “Who’s the sexy World Cup referee?” (Actual quote.)

Yeahhhhh…..that’d be Felix:


Ladies, meet Dr. Felix Brych of Germany. You’re welcome.

2.) How does the vanishing spray actually vanish?
You know, I don’t really know.

Nor does anyone else. Everything you read about it just says it’s in an aerosol can that the referee sprays, “…and in a few minutes…it VANISHES.

It’s, like, the coolest thing any of us have ever seen, and we haven’t the slightest clue what it actually is.

It appears to be a foam, so that’s one hint. Spray your shaving cream on grass and it probably won’t hang around long. I also noticed Wilmar Roldan of Colombia carried it during his game, but since it was pouring buckets of rain, he didn’t use it much. So wet grass probably isn’t conducive to the spray. It also doesn’t appear to stain, because guys don’t have a conniption when it’s accidentally sprayed on their pastel-colored boots. (And believe me, they would…)

Otherwise, it’s a mystery.

And I totally want some.

Read L’Arbitre’s Vanishing Spray story.


I took one look and recognized Jonas Eriksson by his hairline. I need to get out more.

3.) Is Michael Oliver of England refereeing in the World Cup?
Uh…no. Why would he? I think he’s still only 14.


I have no idea what happened to my ID, officer…”

4.) (Not phrased as a question but…) Nicola Rizzoli is hot.
I know, right?? He especially kills it when he’s all cleaned up:


That awkward moment when you realize the ice in Balotelli’s ear cost more than your salary.

5.) What does Howard Webb say about the penalty in Brazil vs Croatia?

In all seriousness, even if FIFA were to allow him to answer questions about a game he wasn’t involved in, he wouldn’t. The referees see themselves as a team: FIFA’s team. They’re going to rally around each other and support each other. I’m sure he feels nothing but compassion for Nishimura, having been on that side of tough calls more than once.

Referee or terminator? You decide...

RoboWebb doesn’t have time for your questions…

6.) How do I ask Jenna a question?
Best question ever. You can shoot me an email through my contact page or tweet me at @PTABlog.


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