Red Card or Not: Doue and Ecuador v. France

First of all, being in their group, I can tell you that Ecuador played a lot better than their record indicates. They were a definite threat throughout the group stages.

Unfortunately, late in their game against France, Antonio Valencia was sent off for a studs up challenge on Lucas Digne.

You can see it on Fansided (which is where the below images come from), and also on The Big Lead.

Let me say this, this was almost the exact situation that saw Claudio Marchisio sent off during the Italy v. Uruguay game. So, at least the referees are calling them consistently.

What do you think…

Red card or not?


Featured image: SkySports 1


  • What do you think of Sakho’s alleged elbow early in the same game that was apparently missed by the referee?


    • At full speed and from the front, it didn’t look to me to be deliberate. In slow motion and from the other angle, it definitely does.

      Tough one.


  • I think that Ecuador was lucky that they didn’t loose more than one player, the way they played.

    I don’t think that Ecuador played particularly well, this group is just not particularly good overall. It will be interesting to see what happens when Group E and F play against each other…though neither Group is particularly challenging, imho. France is the only team which is somewhat good, but I have a hard time to figure out how good, considering that they didn’t really have that big of a challenge yet.


  • Again based on the spreadsheet I found from the FIFA with their explanation on rule 12. IS this reckless without care for opponent of excessive force.

    IMHO it was reckless, he went for the ball and took the risk the ball would be leaving his foot by the charge of the opponent. Based on FIFA’s own spreadsheet it should therefor be yellow and not instant red. Red cards according to the FIFA should only be given for excessive force or charging a player with no intention to play the ball. This was obviously not the case, the player only had eye’s for the ball and nothing but the ball.


    • Well, Chiquidracula disagrees. 😉


    • And btw, there is nothing to say that intent should determine color of the card. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Intent is not considered.

      LOTS of guys make horror tackles by accident. Do you think Callum McManaman intended to try and break someone’s leg? No.He was focused on the ball. But he still deserved red.

      Studs up challenges are very dangerous, which is why they’re dealt with so harshly.


  • So you can dive in front of player with ball and if he fails to evade you he is sent off? That is ridiculous. If course the player tackling is the one who is reckless. Look at the speed and force Valencia has when stopping. Just don’t obstruct or throw yourself under the player with ball and you probably are safe from studs. Footie gone silly with these judgements.


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