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Thoughts on the Premier League Referees, Matchweek 4: Clattenburg, Pawson and Mason.

Here are some thoughts I had watching a few of today’s Premier League referees in action. These are just my general impressions; they’re not scientific, and I don’t try and nitpick every single decision. But, as always, if you saw something I didn’t, let us know in comments below. Mark Clattenburg, Arsenal v. Manchester City Clatts was in rare form

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The Video Dilemma

I wanted to talk a minute about a situation that is making it very hard to bring this blog to you: The difficulty in obtaining video. Look, I’m not a big journalist. I don’t get paid to do this. I’m just a blogger; a fan with another perspective on a sport we all love. I like to think that my

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Why There Are Only Three Referees

L’Arbitre is back! I love this guy. He’s researching and writing deeply informative stuff like this, while I’m sourcing shirtless photos of referees. Today, he addresses the additional assistant referees (like the ones used in Italy’s Serie A) and why they’re missing from the World Cup. By L’Arbitre During this World Cup, there are only three officials instead of five. The

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Penalty or Not: Yuichi Nishimura and Brazil v. Croatia

Needless to say, this isn’t how FIFA wanted the World Cup to start. People have a lot of concerns about several of Nishimura’s decisions. I, personally, thought Neymar’s elbow to Luka Modric’s face was deliberate. (He checked to see where Modric was, then swung his arm not once, but twice in quick succession.) And I thought the disallowed goal was

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A Few Ground Rules

It’s been quite a week here on Play the Advantage. I went about trying to prove that the Champions League referee screwed up, and woke up the next morning to find myself Bjorn Kuipers’ greatest defender. (I got your back, Bjorn.) I’m all for open dialogue and chewing the fat, as we say in America, but I do have a

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Ask Jenna!

I get a report every day that tells me what people are searching for when they land on Play the Advantage. Between that report and my inbox, I have a pretty good idea of the burning questions people are dying to get answered. In the spirit of service that permeates everything I do, I’m starting a new feature to answer said burning questions. So,

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