Red Card or Not: Rodriguez and Italy v. Uruguay

This is version of Red Card or Not is a pretty easy one.

Claudio Marchisio had control (having just evaded one challenge) when he went right over the ball and dragged his studs down the defender’s leg.

Mexican referee Marco Rodriguez was practically right on top of it, and drew the red card immediately.

Not much doubt here.

You can also see it on Fansided.

Red Card or Not: Red

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  • Can you do a write up on Red Card or Not: Luis Suarez biting Giorgio Chiellini?


    • Not until I can see a real shot of it. Right now, we don’t have a clear angle and only have Chiellini’s word – who’s a bit of a villain himself.

      If you see one, shoot it my way.


  • Clear RC. Serious Foul Play.

    No other way.


  • I agree with Rodriguez’ decision to issue a red card – SFP IMO.

    Re: Suarez, I don’t care how good of a footballer he is, he’s an absolute disgrace. This is the THIRD time he’s bitten a player in just under four years. I hope FIFA take retrospective action and ban him for a long, long time.


  • I was in a meeting WITHOUT even my little Univision screen when Suarez tried to bite him. I watched the replay. There is no doubt in my mind that he ducked his head specifically to try to bite Chiellini. I can’t tell if he succeeded in biting him through the jersey or not. Both of them rolling around on the ground pretending to be the aggrieved party is pretty comical. But the funniest part is Chiellini trying to show where Suarez bit him, and a Uruguayan pulling his jersey back up. I think I’m with Jenna on this one. Two villains tangling in the box.

    I cannot imagine what planet Suarez is from to try to bite opponents. He will deny it, I’m sure, but there’s no reason for him to lower his head towards an opponent like that with the ball NOT headed that way — except for a headbutt attempt or a bite attempt. Did I miss something?

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  • Somehow I am not sad that I had to miss most of the game…I saw a little bit of the beginning (up to the point with the yellow card), and it was exactly the kind of football I hate to see. It was no game at all, just a lot of players playing rough and a lot of players falling down for no reason at all. You know, when I wrote about Germany/Ghana being an easy game to ref I already thought to myself that I really feel for the poor sod who gets Italy against Uruguay. But that was even worse than I imagined.

    Yeah, this is an easy call….concerning Suarez, I agree with Nur, he is a disgrace. If it is true I hope they can proof it and ban him retrospective.

    Honestly, I would have rather England in the next round than either of those teams.


  • Voted not a red card, maybe the poll should have been red, yellow or no card. The charge was IMHO reckless but not on of excessive force, he only had eye for the ball. It is the referee’s call but reckless charge is only yellow and too me this was just reckless, reckless is not red.

    I think the bite marks are prove enough for me that Suarez did really put his teeth in him, the fact that the other guy is a bad boy is no excuse to speak Suarez free, I would love to see a good replay. I don’t blame the ref for not taking action, cause if you missed the moment you do not know if Suarez mouth went to the shoulder or the shoulder went to the mouth. But the FIFA should take action and remove Suarez from the tournament at least IMHO.


  • Absolutely without a doubt does not even come close to being a red card offence. Marchisio got the boot up a bit high, but if you check the replay he actually pulls up and makes almost no contact on the players shin. The Uruguay player collapses like a bowling pin and the ref buys it. Not to mention it was a 50/50 challenge that showed no malice or intent to injure. Extremely harsh to be sent off for that. Even though Italy haven’t been playing their best, I think they would have got the tie, if not won the game, if it wasn’t for this ridiculous call. My sympathies to all the fans world wide who root for their countries only to get shafted in the end.


    • I wouldn’t call this decision “ridiculous”, in fact, in accordance to the LoTG, Rodriguez was absolutely right in producing a red card. Marchisio’s boot was too high, with studs showing. It was undoubtedly SFP. Early shower…


    • I’ve checked the replay and I’m not sure what you’re watching, but it’s pretty apparent there’s contact. You can watch his sock go down. Marchisio even gives a little kick at the end.

      You can say it’s harsh, but to say there was NO contact…I just don’t know what video you’re watching.


  • Thank you!! I changed it when you I saw your note earlier.


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  • Nobody has seen the picture of Chielini’s shoulder with the bite marks?


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  • The video shows Marchisio field of vision is on the upper body of the opponent not even any malicious intent.


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  • Just another friendly reminder to read my commenting guidelines.

    Remember that this is a site dedicated to referees and is positive toward them. While you’re invited to critique the referees respectfully, and I understand not everyone agrees with every call, I don’t allow accusations of corruption or bribery against referees with no proof on my blog.


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  • Two guys both going after a loose ball. Neither has a major positional advantage. Marchisio is clearly going for the ball and not intentionally going after the opposing player. Personally I think this is a foul, free kick to Uruguay, no card. If you wanna argue it’s a yellow, okay fine. But in no way shape or form does a play on the ball with no bad intentions toward the opponent justify an immediate red card. Not in a league match, and certainly not in a World Cup match. Absolutely terrible call


    • That’ a myth. Intention does not factor into whether it should be a card, only whether the force is excessive or the challenge is reckless. The referee can give a red card for a reckless or dangerous challenge even if it was a clear accident.


  • Whats crazy is that there were two other plays in this game that clearly warrented a red card. First Balotelli’s knee to the head on a play where he commits an atrocious reckless foul in an attempt to negate the disadvantage he has because the Uruguayan has the better position on the ball. Second, the bite. As for the comment someone made that intent is not relevent, that’s ridiculous. When you are talking about a straight red on a judgement call in a match at this level, intent has to be THE most important factor.


    • That’s not the Law and the referee follows the law, not your opinion. Intent is not a factor. If I miss a ball and break someone’s leg, I may have had no ill intent, but I can still be sent off.


    • Please read the Law. With the excessive use of force, intent is not a factor at all. You can use excessive force with no intent of injuring someone, but you put them in danger anyway and can be sent off.


      • Jenna, question.. The way I read the law it says for a reckless a player should be cautioned , in other words given a Yellow card. And for excessive force should be sent off. But you say reckless is already a red card. Am I missing something here.


        • Reckless is not always a red card, but it can certainly be. My point is that intent is not a part of the law like so many fans think it is, PARTICULARLY where excessive force is concerned.


          • But the Law you said clearly states reckless should be cautioned, a red card is not a caution, only the yellow card is a caution. That is what I don’t get. It basicaly says reckless is yellow, I can not find anywhere that reckless may also be directly send off. Therefor it seems the referees either judged this as excessive or do not follow this law.

            I can understand that players would get upset if they commit a foul for which they know the punishment is yellow and suddenly get red. It is like speeding on the highway by a little knowing there is a small fine and be sent to prison. Players sometimes take a risk for a yellow card but rarely a risk for a direct red card. Or are they just lowering the red card bar because it is the worldcup and the world is watching them?


            • These red cards are almost all certainly for excessive force. I can try and find the reports, but pretty sure that’s what they would have been sent off for. (One was not a straight red, though.)


              • But for instance there is no excessive force on the Valencia red card, he just put his fet on the ball and the defender slides the ball away. But I can not call that, or this foul excessive, it is as you said reckless or in Valencia’s case I would say on the edge of reckless and careless, so I would understand a yellow but not a red card. It just does not look excessive to me. Just because the underside of a shoe hits a players leg does not make it excessive to me. Excessive was for instance the missed red card in France vs Nigeria, they guy will be out for months because he hit him full force on the ankle, that was way more force then needed to go for a ball. Or the Belgium red card where he landed with almost both feet on the players leg instead of easily avoiding the leg.


                • It’s hard to say, and I don’t have any special inside information. 🙂

                  There are a lot of factors in play here. The biggest is FIFA directives; the referees are given specific directives on things before matches: how to call certain fouls, what to call and not. Those aren’t made public usually, but the goal is to have all the referees from different leagues officiate the same way. That could be a factor here, since we saw three calls all made the same.

                  Also, we don’t know what’s gone on on the field. Did the referee already warn him for something similar?

                  I put up a post earlier about Wolfgang Stark. He showed two straight yellows to a player, and if you hadn’t heard what he said before the game, you’d have thought he was crazy. But he TOLD them he’d yellow card any player who acted disrespectfully, then he did just that.

                  I try and give the refs the benefit of the doubt in this situation.


  • “If I miss a ball and break someone’s leg, I may have had no ill intent, but I can still be sent off.” – There’s a key word there. CAN be sent off. I would contend that in a match of this magnitude, on a play of this sort, a player SHOULDNT be sent off, even if, according to the letter of the law, they CAN be. It’s called judgement, and it’s what a referree needs to be able to use.


  • Intent has nothing to do with whether a player CAN be sent off. But intent must have A WHOLE LOT to do with whether a player IS actually sent off


    • The referees need to apply the law consistently. The idea that they should just ignore the law and apply some emotional factor because of the type of game makes no sense. I’d rather know that the law will be applied the same way than rely on some random emotional decision of the referee’s.


    • Also, you must not have read the Law, because it says excessive force MUST result in a sending off. Not CAN. Intent is not a factor.


  • I think we’re going to have to just agree to disagree. To me, if players live in fear of a straight red for any challenge that ends poorly, the game is harmed. Cheers


    • Then let’s just not have referees.

      Players need to have a fear of the red card or they’ll act like they did with Geiger and break each others’ legs.



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