Final Premier League Match Referees

Here are the updated referee appointments for the last matchweek of the season, played on Sunday, May 11.

Howard Webb’s got the band back together again – i.e., World Cup team Mike Mullarkey and Darren Cann (above, with Webb, center) – for Hull v. Everton.

Mark Clattenburg will be refereeing in the Championship on Monday, so will only be a fourth official this weekend. Sad that I won’t get my weekend dose of Clatts before season’s end…

Phil Dowd takes a bow at Liverpool, with the Reds still holding on to the title by their fingernails. At 50+, I can’t see Big Phil refereeing at this level for much longer, so it’s fitting he gets a big match.

The likely champions, Manchester City, will get another Old Guard referee, Martin Atkinson.


Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 10.04.26 AM



  • Mark Clattenburg has a play off semi final match on Monday hence why he has no Sunday game for him. The select group referees do the Championship play off matches.

    Thu 8th MAY 2014
    Brighton & Hove Albion FC (First Team) v Derby County FC (First Team)
    Football League Play Offs Div 1
    Referee: East, Roger
    Assistant Referee: Ganfield, Ronald
    Assistant Referee: Perry, Marc
    Fourth Official: Friend, Kevin

    Fri 9th MAY 2014
    Wigan Athletic FC (First Team) v Queens Park Rangers FC (First Team)
    Football League Play Offs Div 1
    Referee: Jones, Michael
    Assistant Referee: Garratt, Andrew
    Assistant Referee: Halliday, Andrew
    Fourth Official: Webb, David

    Sun 11th MAY 2014
    Derby County FC (First Team) v Brighton & Hove Albion FC (First Team)
    Football League Play Offs Div 1
    Referee: Pawson, Craig
    Assistant Referee: Bankes, Peter
    Assistant Referee: Massey, Sian
    Fourth Official: Drysdale, Darren

    Mon 12th MAY 2014
    Queens Park Rangers FC (First Team) v Wigan Athletic FC (First Team)
    Football League Play Offs Div 1
    Referee: Clattenburg, Mark
    Assistant Referee: Beck, Simon
    Assistant Referee: Beswick, Gary
    Fourth Official: Marriner, Andre


  • Oh and your missing premier league games:

    Liverpool v Newcastle United
    Referee: Phil Dowd
    Assistants: S Ledger, S Child
    Fourth Official: A Marriner

    Manchester City v West Ham United
    Referee: Martin Atkinson
    Assistants: H Lennard, P Kirkup
    Fourth Official: N Swarbrick

    Norwich City v Arsenal
    Referee: Lee Mason
    Assistants: R West, A Holmes
    Fourth Official: A D’Urso


  • I’ve put you the 3 missing ones Jenna. Maybe the notification hasn’t come through yet. Phil Dowd has Liverpool, Martin Atkinson has Man City and Lee Mason has Norwich.


  • Mark’s game is on sky sports 1 on Monday 7.45pm UK time, if you have access to that over there. Fox sports might show it.


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