Sunday Referee Roundup

If you follow me on Facebook (and if you don’t, you should!),  you’ll notice I post a lot of one-off stories about referees that may not warrant their own post.

There’ve been quite a few interesting stories this week, so I thought I’d gather them all together into a Sunday Roundup.

Craig Bellamy: I do feel for referees
Bellamy famously poured water over referee Lee Probert in a jovial moment, and while Probert seemed to get the joke, apparently he wasn’t as cheerful about it as it appeared…

Sao Paulo referees threaten strike
Brazilian referees have faced a wave of abuse for following new directives about handballs in the penalty area. It’s gotten so bad, they’re threatening to walk out.

Keith Stroud returns to Premier League
Referee Keith Stroud (above) returned this weekend to the highest levels of English football, after an extended time in the wilderness of the lower leagues.

Michael Oliver invited to FIFA seminar
English referee Oliver takes another step up the ladder after being invited – along with a number of other referees – to attend a FIFA referee seminar. Oliver is the youngest referee invited.

Arjen Robben feels punished
Apparently, Robben feels he’s being punished for his infamous dive in the World Cup, because referees now give him no  sympathy, even when he’s fouled. Unfortunately – having watched similar things happen to Gareth Bale and Ashley Young – he’s probably right.

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