Lee Probert Has Bad Timing

Now, this is interesting.

So, remember how Lee Probert blew his whistle to end the game just as Swansea’s Jonathan de Guzman was clear on goal and in shooting range?

It could well have to do with what happened in the Newcastle v. Crystal Palace match five days earlier.

I didn’t watch that match (because, why would I?) so I’m only just now hearing about it. But, apparently, Newcastle won on a last gasp goal from Pappis Cisse after Probert extended stoppage time.

For whatever reason, Probert let play continue past the three minutes shown by the fourth official, and during that extra time Cisse scored. The decision so infuriated Palace manager Tony Pulis that he said that Probert was going to let Newcastle “play until they have a shot.”

Fast forward to Tuesday and you can see where Probert would be hesitant to go past the stoppage time shown the board…even the few seconds it would have taken for the play to resolve itself.

But, of course, that bit him in the ass, too.

All joking aside about how he finishes too soon (sorry about that, Lee; nothing but love for you), it just goes to show that whatever choice the referee makes, it can still end up being wrong.


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