Ask Jenna!

I get a report every day that tells me what people are searching for when they land on Play the Advantage. Between that report and my inbox, I have a pretty good idea of the burning questions people are dying to get answered.

In the spirit of service that permeates everything I do, I’m starting a new feature to answer said burning questions. So, please join me in the inaugural instance of:


These questions are in completely random order, and the answers are my own.

God, are they my own…

1.) How much do Champions and Europa League referees get paid?
Roughly speaking, center refs get paid around 3-6000 Euros per match, depending on their classification (Elite, Elite Development, etc.) and the stage of the tournament.

The assistants and fourth officials are paid based on a percentage of their center ref’s fee.

They also all get a lump sum to cover their expenses and a daily allowance to spend on hookers and blow meals and such.*


I jest. This man’s never had to pay for a hooker in his life.

2.) Why did Lee Probert get the FA Cup Final and not Mark Clattenburg?
Good question. I was actually taken aback by this announcement, because everything I’d heard or read said that Clatts was a lock.

It was the one final he hasn’t gotten, and he’s had an outstanding year. Probert has been okay, but has had some gaffes, so it was a surprise to say the least.

I don’t believe it is down to performance, since Clattenburg has been stellar and has been given just about every other high profile match. The FA has shown more faith in him than they have in Howard Webb, if we’re being honest (and we are, because we’re all friends here).

I also don’t believe that it has anything to do with him being too “flash”; he actually is quite popular in refereeing circles and with the exception of the Adam Lallana silliness, he hasn’t put a toe out of line.

I’d say this came down to timing. He recently took a Europa League semifinal, and my guess is that he was a candidate for the final, held three days before this one. I have no proof, but that’s my guess.

Mark Clattenburg (ENG)

Clatts is all: “Oh, I got your FA Cup final right here.”

3.) Who is Harry Lennard?
He’s… He’s just some guy.

He’s an assistant referee who mostly rolls with Probert, Chris Foy or Andre Marriner. He’s not a particularly bad, or particularly good, referee; he doesn’t stir up controversy. He just, you know, runs up and down the pitch, waving his flag in the air like he don’t care.

What he is is darn handsome, and I’m willing to bet that’s why he keeps showing up in the top of my search terms. (Pretty sure he’s married, though, ladies. Sorry.)


Harry’s as confused by his popularity as I am…

4.) What’s with you and your obsession with Lee Probert?
I wish I knew, friend.

I wish I knew.


I wish I could quit you, Lee!”

Is that a question in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Send your questions my way.

*Please note: UEFA only pay legitimate expenses. Referees are responsible for their own drugs and prostitutes.


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