Lee Probert Gets FA Cup Final

How awesome is this?!

My imaginary boyfriend, Lee Probert, has been given the FA Cup Final between Arsenal and Hull City at Wembley on May 17.

Look how sweet he is:

“The first person I thought about was my dad who I lost six years ago. He was always there to support me throughout my career and it’s payback for all his hard work, taking me here, there and everywhere, encouraging me to never give up. When I walk out on 17 May, I know he’ll be chuffed to bits.”

Say it with me now: Awwwww.

Now, I love me some Lee Probert, I do. So it pains me to say this, but…

No freaking way he should have gotten this final*.

Lee’s been okay this year, but Mark Clattenburg has been nothing short of fantastic. He’s handled every big game they threw at him, has shone on the International stage (including in a huge Champions League quarter final) and has never had this particular final.

By all rights, it should have been his year.

So, no offense to Lee, but what the hell, FA?? When are you going to show the Clatts the love he deserves?

Read about the appointment from the FA.


The Europa League final is in Turin on 14 May. IF (and it’s a big ‘if’) Clatts is in the running for that final, they would not have wanted to assign him to the FA Cup Final (which is announced far in advance of the Europa one) on the odd chance he’d have to make a choice. It’s a long shot, but still…


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  • I think that Lee Probert is one of, if not THE best referee in the Premier League. He only gives a yellow card when really necessary, and therefore allows the game to flow. Other refs just love dishing out cards and they then become meaningless. I also think that Lee has a good relationship with the players, and they listen to him when he gives them a warning. I just cannot understand why he has not been given any games this season, when you look at the performance of some of the other referees. Lee’s count of both yellow and red cards in the 2013/4 season was way below any other Premiership referee – is this why he was dropped?! Do the cards be,ing in income for the Football Association?
    Come on FA give him a chance!


    • From what I’ve been able to tell, he wasn’t “dropped”. He suffered an injury (I’ve heard back, unconfirmed) and couldn’t pass his fitness test. Andre Marriner had a similar problem but worked his way back. Probert’s popular within referring circles, and had the FA Cup last year. They’re also shorthanded at the Prem level. I don’t think they’d keep him out if he were fit.


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