The Hotties: My Top Five Dreamiest World Cup Referees

Photo courtesy of UEFA

On this, the opening day of the World Cup, I thought I’d take a moment to talk about what is really important when it comes to the referees:


Yes, there are some right cuties amongst the 33 center referees this year, and I would be amiss if I didn’t point them out to you. So, welcome to Jenna’s Top Five Hottest Referees!

Here we go…

5.) Svein Oddvar Moen, Norway
Okay, yeah, he does kind of look like he’s twelve. But look at that face! So. Cute. You just want to dunk him in your coffee.


It’s just Svein Oddvar Moen, off to class…

4.) Peter O’Leary, New Zealand
While he appears to need a bit less caffeine in his life, Peter O’Leary makes this list by sheer force of personality. And biceps. And dead sexy accent…


Not just anyone can make a purple whistle look manly…

3.) Howard Webb, England
Self-described “old, bald guy” or not, Howard Webb definitely still has it. Oh, my goodness does he have it. Don’t believe me? I’ll let this picture speak for itself:


I’m Howard Webb, and even my physicals are sexy.

2.) Nicola Rizzoli, Italy
Sure, he seems like a bit of a %&$#. But there’s something about that Italian swagger and that perfect hair. And he’s intelligent to boot. (In his “real job”, he’s an architect.) Quite a dreamy combination.


Come to Papa…

And the Hottest Referee is…

1.) Dr. Felix Brych, Germany
Not only did Brych (top) knock Wolfgang Stark out of Germany’s top refereeing spot, but he knocked Nicola Rizzoli off the Hot Ref pedestal I’d built especially for him. Not an easy task.

Oh. My. GAWD. This man… Those eyes… True, he seems to have no personality to speak of and he works at a bank*, but when you look like this you can get away with a lot.



*People who work at banks are perfectly nice. I work at a bank.

Don’t agree with my top five? Tell me yours below…

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