I’m in Love with Lee Probert

So, apparently it’s Lee Probert Week here on Play the Advantage. Which is a magical week, indeed.

Not only have I had two different stories on him this week (this one and that one), but he’s shown up in two other stories about other referees.

So, I figured since it’s Friday, I’ll just go all in and declare my undying Probert Love. Because you know what I’ve found in my copious research (which consists of lazily flipping through YouTube because I don’t want to go to work)?

The guy’s actually pretty funny. 

So enjoy your Friday dose of Lee Probert, and if you have a problem with it, keep it to yourself or we’ll end up back with Nicola Rizzoli’s hair.

Here’s Lee Probert getting tackled

Here’s Craig Bellamy throwing water on Lee Probert

Can you imagine how any other referee would act?! Not quite so laid back, I’m sure. I’d love to see him do that to one of the Italians… They take their hair very seriously.

Here’s Lee Probert telling players to shut the fuck up so he can pray

I love how confused the heathen announcers are. “Is he worried about the rain??”




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