Howard Webb Gets in Fight!

How’s that for sensationalistic headlines?

It was supposed to be a quiet weekend for Howard Webb. All he had to do as the fourth official at Hull City v. Newcastle was to stand around, looking intimidating. (As he does.)

Unfortunately, all that training as a policeman had to come into play, because Newcastle manager Alan Pardew is just a crazy mofo. He got into an argument with some unknown Hull City midfielder named David Meyler, about…something. Who knows with Pardew.

He didn’t just get into an argument and yell at him from the touchline. Oh, no…

He head butted him.

Head butted him!

Poor Howard had to get in the middle of them and break up the fight like a hulking, bald, World Cup-refereeing bouncer.

It was awesome!

This comes on the heels of Pardew calling Manchester City’s Manuel Pellegrini a c__t. (Which he is.) And yes, he got tossed from the game, Newcastle slapped him with a huge fine, and FA will probably come down on him this week. But still. How could you not love the guy?

Poor Howard needs a real holiday. Preferably sans pseudo-bar brawls.


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