The Nicola Rizzoli Tribute Song

To get us all warmed up for Nicola Rizzoli’s performance as the World Cup Final referee, I present to you proof positive that there are people out there more obsessed with referees than me.

You don’t even have to speak Italian to appreciate the sheer awesome of this:

Yes, bitches, that’s a tribute song!!

Not some silly video of still photos set to a pop song. (Though check out the great collage of him behind her in the first shot.)

Oh, no! That’s a song written and sung just for him.

Show me Howard Webb or Bjorn Kuipers’s tribute song and we can talk…

(Note: My margarita-soaked, non-Italian-speaking friends and I may or may not have been singing this at the top of our lungs today. “Lalalalallala-LA…SERIE AAAAA!!! It’s quite catchy…)

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