Best Referee Video Ever: Nicola Rizzoli’s Hair

Yes. He did see himself on the big screen and then fix his hair.

What? The guy’s gotta look good…



  • I LOVE IT! He really do love/care about his hair and he DOES looks really GOOD! The dailymail made a story out of it. and everyone is like how is this a story.LOL! AW… I’m going to miss seeing him on the TV!!


  • It’s his habit to fix his hair. Watch earlier world cup games and you ‘ll see that his hand is always there.


  • Best part is that he did this right after he deflected the ball from Toni Kroos and sent it for a throw-in to Argentina deep in Germany half.


    • God love him, but he does tend to get hit at least once a game…


      • YoSiUsoLasTarjetas

        It’s not a good thing to get hit though. It means he’s interfering with play which is caused by poor positioning on the pitch in regards to play.


        • It’s the weirdest thing. I’ve watched him dozens of times and he’s such a good referee, but I seriously could put a list together of the times I’ve seen him get hit by the ball. I guess it’s because he tends to stay central. It rarely (if ever) causes a real problem, but still…


          • YoSiUsoLasTarjetas

            It tends to happen alot more when you’ve got teams that have no rhythm and/or ball control. In those matches you end up trying to guess where the ball is going to up getting booted to instead of actually reading play.


  • I just realized this probably the last time I get to see his pretty face. I wonder when he will retire….I hope never but has to be realistic. No more WC, will there be some Uefa Champion League matches? Probably still continue with Seria A? Is too silly to hope he will still be around for euro 2016…..because of this WC I develop a serious school girl crush on Rizzoli.


    • No word yet. The only feather not in his cap would be the Euros (he missed out in 2012 because Italy advanced. But he’ll be 43 in October, so he’s reaching the FIFA age limit.

      I believe Serie A has a higher age limit like EPL does (Phil Dowd refereed last year at 50), but with age, his accomplishments, a family and an architecture firm, Rizzoli’s time has got to be close…


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