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Fun Stuff: Clatts’ Empty Pockets

I wasn’t going to post this, because it’s old. But I’m sick to bloody death of talking about Andy Bloody Carroll, and I figured we could all use a bit of a laugh. So I give to you this cute video of Mark Clattenburg forgetting his cards, and then forgetting who he was going to card in the first place.

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Rizzoli is Referee of the Year

Nicola Rizzoli has been named Italy’s top referee for the 858th year in a row. Okay,  I exaggerate. It’s just 857. In all seriousness, this is at least the third year in a row that Rizzoli has walked onto the stage at Italy’s Gran Gala and accepted the trophy.  And I think he’s worn the same suit every year. (For

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Whatever the Weather…

So, apparently climate change is everywhere, because it’s been raining buckets in Rome for, like, six weeks. Or that must be how it feels to them. There’s so much rain that the Prime Minister has declared a state of emergency in the city. It rained for 24 hours before the Roma v. Parma match, and the teams walked out onto

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Referees at Play: Nicola Rizzoli

In case you still don’t believe that referees are celebrities in Italy, here’s a 12-photo spread of Nicola Rizzoli getting papped while skiing in Courmayeur. These pictures were taken just a few days before the big Juventus-Roma match on January 5, but he looks as cool as usual. I particularly love the casually opened jacket and stylin’ red boots. If

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