Nicola Rizzoli’s Hair

I should do a serious post about how Manuel Pelligrini’s unprecedented attack on Jonas Eriksson can’t go unpunished. (And by serious, I mean one that sadly does not include the word asshattery.)

I should examine the virtual bloodbath of red cards in just two days’ worth of Champions League matches.

I should talk about what should happen to Arsenal’s Goalkeeper (the spelling of whose name I’m too lazy to look up) for metaphorically telling the fourth official to go $!#& himself.

But I’m so disgusted by all of the sordidness of the last few days that I don’t feel like doing any of that.

So here are some pictures of Nicola Rizzoli’s hair.

Champions League Final Hair

Champions League Final Hair

You Make Me Sad Hair

“You Make Me Sad” Hair

Rain Proof Hair

Rain Proof Hair


Over Product-ed Hair


Didn’t Go Home Last Night Hair

You’re welcome.


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