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Saturday Fun: Who’s Harry Lennard?

So, I’m getting all these weird search terms in my stats: Harry Lennard Assistant Referee Premier League Assistant Referees Harry Lennard And I have no idea who this clown is. So, in the name of research, of course, I do a Google image search and I’m all: OH…   HeLLO, Harry Lennard! Thanks for the heads up, ladies (I presume). (And if

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I’m in Love with Lee Probert

So, apparently it’s Lee Probert Week here on Play the Advantage. Which is a magical week, indeed. Not only have I had two different stories on him this week (this one and that one), but he’s shown up in two other stories about other referees. So, I figured since it’s Friday, I’ll just go all in and declare my undying Probert Love.

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Nicola Rizzoli’s Hair

I should do a serious post about how Manuel Pelligrini’s unprecedented attack on Jonas Eriksson can’t go unpunished. (And by serious, I mean one that sadly does not include the word asshattery.) I should examine the virtual bloodbath of red cards in just two days’ worth of Champions League matches. I should talk about what should happen to Arsenal’s Goalkeeper

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