Lee Probert Blows Too Soon

That’s what she said.

Actually, that’s what Swansea said, and they may just have a point.

So, Swansea were at Arsenal, and were reinvigorated by a Mathieu Flamini own goal in the 90th minute. (Yes. Really.) The score was 2-2 at this point. There had originally been four minutes of added time, but the goal and celebration should have added at least a minute.

Now, let me say right now: The referee decides when to blow the whistle. The game is over when he says it is, and not a second before or after.

That said…

Swansea broke down the pitch, and Jonathan de Guzman beat every defender. He was clear on goal, one on one with the goalkeeper and…

The game’s over.

I actually thought he was offside, but he wasn’t. It was right at 94 minutes, so technically, Probert was within his rights to end the game. But I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I’ve seen referees not allow set pieces (and even then, the teams were ticked) but with an attacker streaking toward goal, no defenders and arguably time on the clock?


Garry Monk was understandably enraged, and he and his players swarmed Probert immediately. What was even more bizarre was that Probert stared at them for what felt like the longest time with an expression I can only describe as:


All’s well that ends fairly well, though, and Monk admitted he was glad for the unexpected point. But you wonder what might have been if Probert had held on just a little longer.

Read BBC Sport’s breakdown on this match and the Manchester Derby.


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