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The Men of Europe

Now that we know who’s going to the World Cup, here are my initial thoughts on the choices. I’m focusing right now on the Europeans, since I know them best. Felix Brych, Germany Brych has been on the ascendancy in Germany for quite some time. Wolfgang Stark has been the number one in Germany until now, but over the past

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World Cup Appointments: Friday, June 13

The referees for the first two days are a very pancontinental bunch, with one referee each from Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. Friday sees one of the biggest matchups of the early stages: Spain v. Netherlands. This repeat of the 2010 final will have huge implications for how the tournament shapes up, and has been given to Italy’s Nicola

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MLS Replacement Ref Speaks to Press

Continuing on from our earlier conversation about referees explaining their decision, I did notice one interesting thing from the second week of the MLS lockout. After his woeful penalty kick call, MLS replacement ref Alan Kelly had this to say: “Yeah I saw a challenge from behind from the defender [Olave] on the attacker [Chavez]. And the second question you

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World Cup 2014

Here’s where you can find all World Cup-related information here on Play the Advantage. As always, we’ll be focused on referees and referee-related news. Daily Reviews: Thoughts on the Referees Final (Rizzoli) Third-place Playoff (Haimoudi) Semifinal Game 2 (Cakir) Semifinal Game 1 (Rodriguez) Quarterfinals, Games 3 and 4 (Rizzoli, Irmatov) Quarterfinals, Games 1 and 2 (Pitana, Velasco Carballo) Knockout Stages: Day

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Jenna’s Thoughts: Potential Referees for World Cup Semifinals and Final

Now that we know who’s refereeing the quarterfinals, thoughts naturally turn to who will do the semifinals and the final. The truth is, I’m terrible at guessing games, and I don’t understand the things FIFA do sometimes. So, with those two things in mind, I decided not to try and make any predictions. Instead, I’ll just go through the 25

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Goal or Not: Williams and Honduras v. Ecuador

Boy, this is a tough one. When Australian referee Ben Williams (in his first World Cup match) disallowed Honduras’ second goal by Jerry Bengston right before halftime, pandemonium reigned. Honduras would go on to lose 1-2. Now, let’s be clear about something: This goal was not disallowed because of offside (though many on Twitter think it was). It was disallowed for

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