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Week 19 Referees: Serie A

Here are the referee appointments for the weekend of January 11 in the Serie A. Of note: None of Serie A’s “big cats” (Rocchi, Rizzoli, Orsato, Tagliavento, etc.) have a match. They’re all serving as additional officials for other teams. On the other hand, the delicious Marco Guida (above) is officiating (Cagliari v. Juventus), so that’s always a treat. ATALANTA –

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Clattspocalpyse Averted

It appears that the latest Mark Clattenburg controversy is grinding to an ignominious halt. When last we’d left our intrepid hero, Clattenburg waved off two penalty appeals in Southampton’s loss to Everton at Goodison Park, and Saints lost their shit. The general feeling is that Clattenburg got both calls right. What happened next was when things got really surreal: Clattenburg apparently

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Rodgers Accepts FA Action for Lee Mason Comments

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers won’t fight an FA charge that arose after he made thinly veiled accusations that questioned referee Lee Mason’s impartiality. Rodgers, incensed by Mason’s performance in Liverpool’s Boxing Day clash at Manchester City, suggested that the calls didn’t go the Reds’ way because Mason is from “Greater Manchester.” “Hopefully we don’t have a Greater Manchester referee again

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Referees at Play: Nicola Rizzoli

In case you still don’t believe that referees are celebrities in Italy, here’s a 12-photo spread of Nicola Rizzoli getting papped while skiing in Courmayeur. These pictures were taken just a few days before the big Juventus-Roma match on January 5, but he looks as cool as usual. I particularly love the casually opened jacket and stylin’ red boots. If

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Week 21 Referees: Premier League

It’s Monday and Monday is Funday! Or the day the Premier League referee appointments are announced. Same thing. There are no big games this week, so nothing really surprising or unusual. Howard Webb will be at Southampton; let’s hope he doesn’t hurt Princess Adam Lallana’s little feelings by commenting on the weather or anything. In other news, it’s always nice to

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Mark Clattenburg Cleared of Being a Jerk

Well, no, not really. He’s still kind of a jerk. But the Premier League has decided he won’t be punished for saying this horrible, horrible thing to Southampton captain Adam Lallana during their recent 2-1 defeat at Everton: “You’re very different now you’ve played for England. You never used to be like this.” Um. What? Really, Southampton? Really?! You lodge

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Playing the Advantage

Nicola Rizzoli, Italy, Serie A

If you love the game of football (“soccer” to you Americans), you either love them or hate them (probably hate them): Referees. For a bunch of guys who spend all their time ruining the game – according to whatever fans are on the losing side – they’re probably the most important person on the pitch. And as we gear up

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