Rodgers Accepts FA Action for Lee Mason Comments

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers won’t fight an FA charge that arose after he made thinly veiled accusations that questioned referee Lee Mason’s impartiality.

Rodgers, incensed by Mason’s performance in Liverpool’s Boxing Day clash at Manchester City, suggested that the calls didn’t go the Reds’ way because Mason is from “Greater Manchester.”

“Hopefully we don’t have a Greater Manchester referee again for the Liverpool v Manchester City game. I’m sure we won’t get somebody from the Wirral.”

When he was called on the comments, Rodgers claimed to be innocently talking geography, not suggesting Mason had any sort of bias.

I mean, why would anyone think that?

It should be said that, when making assignments over Christmas, PGMOL always tries to limit travel time as much as possible so their referees can spend time with their families.

It should also be said that England is a damn small country. If you said no one could officiate for clubs near where he lived, you’d have about four games a week.

Since Rodgers accepted the FA charge, there will probably be a small fine levied at a brief upcoming meeting. There’s no touchline ban involved.

Daily Mail’s report

Update, 1/9: Rodgers has been fined £8,000 and been warned about future conduct.


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