Europa League Referees: April 24

The Europa League semifinal referees for the first leg are Damir Skomina and Cuneyt Cakir.

This is a pretty good appointment.

The Slovenian, Skomina, has advanced through the ranks quickly, and was a candidate for Brazil. He didn’t make it, but that was partly down to his team. He’s a good referee who should be able to handle the heat of Sevilla v. Valencia.

Cuneyt Cakir of Turkey (above) did make the World Cup, and he’s a darling of both FIFA and some other refereeing fans. Personally, while I like him, I’m not hugely impressed by him. He’s very strict, and is not afraid to show his cards (as English fans well remember).

This probably means Cakir won’t be in Champions League semifinals, and I don’t think he can overthrow Netherlands’ Bjorn Kupers as favorite for the CL Final, so his European year might be at an end.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 7.31.17 AM


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