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MLS Referees: March 22 and 23rd

Always check “Latest Appointments” on the sidebar for updated referee appointments. The boys are back in town! MLS’ regular referees pick up the mantle this week, fresh off their collective bargaining agreement with the league. The top MLS referee will officiate the Colorado Rapids, who arguably helped bring about the end of the two-week old lockout when Marvin Chavez conned

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MLS Referees Near Return?

Could we be seeing World Cup referee Mark Geiger (above) in action for MLS soon? According to an ESPN report, it’s a very strong possibility. The referees’ union, Professional Soccer Referee Association (PSRA) and MLS’ Professional Refereeing Organization (PRO), have been tied up in a labor dispute that has seen the regular refs locked out for the first two weeks

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Red Card Appeals Process: MLS

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be taking a closer look at refereeing in the MLS. In that spirit, I’d like to welcome guest blogger Alex of Soccer Translated. Alex reviews the MLS system in place for clubs to appeal a red card, which is quite different from the Premier League’s Wrongful Dismissal Claims process. By Alex, Soccer Translated MLS is just weeks away from entering

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