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News: Pellegrini Apologizes to Jonas Eriksson

Manuel Pellegrini -

Well… Sort of. But not really. The good news: Manchester City’s Manuel Pellegrini, under threat of sanctions from UEFA, apologized to Swedish referee Jonas Eriksson for – among other things – calling him a Swede. The bad news is that it’s pretty clear that Pellegrini isn’t apologizing at all. He starts out by reiterating that Eriksson’s penalty call (which came

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Demichelis: Voice of Reason?

Well, well… Just when I was readying the torches and pitchforks after Manuel Pellegrini blamed Manchester City’s loss on Sweden, Martin Demichelis comes out with this: I think Demichelis was put in an impossible position, and he’s just not strong enough to cover Lionel Messi. But I do admire him for accepting responsibility and not taking the child’s way out

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Nicola Rizzoli’s Hair

I should do a serious post about how Manuel Pelligrini’s unprecedented attack on Jonas Eriksson can’t go unpunished. (And by serious, I mean one that sadly does not include the word asshattery.) I should examine the virtual bloodbath of red cards in just two days’ worth of Champions League matches. I should talk about what should happen to Arsenal’s Goalkeeper

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This Weekend’s Referees: Premier League

These are outdated appointments. Always check “Latest Appointments” on the sidebar for updated referee appointments. Here are the Premier League referees for the weekend of February 22 and 23. Probably the biggest match will be on Saturday; Chelsea is fighting for the title and Everton is fighting for Champions League, so Lee Probert (above) will have his work cut out

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