News: Mark Clattenburg to Referee Liverpool v. Manchester City

It could be the biggest game of the year: the one that decides the title.

Liverpool v. Manchester City.

Big game = big referee.

Right now, the biggest referee in English football is undoubtedly Mark Clattenburg. Sure, Howard Webb is still The Man, and he will be going to Brazil and not Clattenburg.

But as I’ve mentioned here before, Clatts is on a scintillating run of form and is the most consistent Premiership referee this season. Add in his well-known skill at managing men on the pitch, and it makes sense that he would get this game.

“But, but!!!” You say…

“There was that one time! He was gonna give a yellow! But Steven Gerrard talked to him! And he gave a red! He’s a Liverpool fan!!!!”*

1.) That was over six years ago.

2.) That was over six years ago.

Oh, and you know what else? That was over six years ago.

If you’re a Manchester City fan and are already gearing up your excuses in case City lose, then fair enough. But for the rest of us, Clatts is the right choice for a game this big.

*And no, he’s not, Poindexter. He’s a Newcastle fan.

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