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Goal or Not: Williams and Honduras v. Ecuador

Boy, this is a tough one. When Australian referee Ben Williams (in his first World Cup match) disallowed Honduras’ second goal by Jerry Bengston right before halftime, pandemonium reigned. Honduras would go on to lose 1-2. Now, let’s be clear about something: This goal was not disallowed because of offside (though many on Twitter think it was). It was disallowed for

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Thoughts on the Referees: Day Four

Ravshan Irmatov (UZB), Switzerland v. Ecuador – I’ll be completely honest: I support Switzerland, so I’m biased. But I do sympathize with fans of teams like Croatia and Mexico, who’ve been hard done by referees, because Irmatov’s team were pretty awful. I counted no less than three Ecuadorian handballs in the box, without a single call of any kind on any of

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