Prediction: Champions League and Europa League Final Refs

We now know who will referee the semifinals for the Champions League and Europa League. So, it’s time to make our predictions for the finals.

Champions League: Bjorn Kuipers, Netherlands
Bjorn Kuipers (above, left) is easily considered one of the top referees in the world, and will represent The Netherlands at the World Cup finals in Brazil. He was in contention for the Champions League final last year, but lost out to Rizzoli and took the Europa League final instead. After a solid performance in the final of this past summer’s Confederations Cup, and a great international and European season, the supermarket owner seems a lock for Champions League.

Europa League: Dr. Felix Brych, Germany

Felix Brych (above, right) may be one of the brightest referees on the International circuit, having a doctorate in law. He’s also a very, very good referee. He’s recently eclipsed Wolfgang Stark as Germany’s top referee, and kipped Stark for the World Cup spot in Brazil. He’s taken some very big games in Champions League this year, including the Barcelona v. Atletico Madrid quarterfinal. He was also very active in the World Cup qualifying stages, even refereeing Spain v. France.

With Bayern out, Brych may be a possibility for Champions League (without a German team involved, he would probably have been a serious contender), but I think he’s been reserved for Europa already.

Have another prediction? Let me know below.


  • Didn’t know Kuipers was a supermarket owner! I completely forgot he hasn’t had a UCL final. I thought he had a great last year in Confederations Cup and Europa final. I feel like he isn’t in as hot form though anymore so it’s almost as though he deserved a final in between then and now. Clattenburg perhaps for a UCL final?


    • As excellent as Clatts has been, I think the EL semifinal is as far as he will go this year. Big matches like the EL final seem to be prerequisite to the CL final. I don’t think he has the credentials. Yet…

      But WHY did he not get the FA Cup final??


    • And Kuipers actually owns three supermarkets. And a hair salon. Useless trivia … It’s what I do.


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