Chris Foy Takes Shot to Face – And Lives!

Here’s yet another entry in the “Referees are tougher than you” category. Which has actually been pretty empty.

Until now.

Chris Foy was just minding his own business, enjoying refereeing the first minute of the Newcastle v. Swansea match. Then Jonjo Shelvey hit a powerhouse which bounced off Fabricio Coloccini and … bam.

Right in the face.

Newcastle’s unpleasant fans laughed heartily at this, but it isn’t actually at all funny. Foy dropped to his knees slowly, and then went to ground face first. It’s unpleasant to watch. But I’m going to show you anyway:


He then proceeded to get up and referee the first 30 minutes of the match.

Let’s see how long you’d last after getting smashed in the face by a Jonjo Shelvey screamer. Not long, I’d suspect, so shut your laughing.

If you ask me, Foy should not have been allowed to continue at all, just like Hugo Lloris a few weeks back. Head injuries are not laughing matters, and they should be treated very seriously.

Eventually, it became clear that Foy was dazed and in pain, and fourth official Anthony Taylor came on to substitute him out.

(If you’re wondering what use the fourth officials are besides holding up signs and fighting off insane Chelsea coaches, this is it.)

No word on Foy’s condition (though if that nose isn’t broken it’ll be a wonder), or whether or not he’ll take a match next week. In any event, I truly wish him well and hope he’s back to full strength soon.


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