Chelsea Coach Loses Mind

Poor Mike Dean.

What a day he had at Stamford Bridge. First there was Ramires punching Seb Larsson in the face (which Dean actually missed, but has no doubt seen by now) and then this.

Cesar Azpilicueta did his best, but got outfoxed by Jozy Altidore in the box. Dean correctly called the penalty, which Liverpool loanee Fabio Borini stepped up and made to put Sunderland ahead by the eventual winning score of 2-1.

And then this happened:

That’s Jose Mourinho’s assistant coach Rui Faria absolutely losing his freaking mind.

As best I can tell, Faria said something that fourth official Phil Dowd didn’t take kindly to (probably about him eating too many potatoes). Dowd called Dean over, who very calmly sent Faria to the stands.

And Faria promptly lost his shit.

Mourinho and half the Chelsea coaching staff attempted to hold the raging Faria back, whilst Dowd hulked protectively in front of Dean. They finally pushed him, still foaming and screaming, down the tunnel.

Chelsea are nothing if not exciting, I’ll give them that.

It’s just for all the wrong reasons.


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