Nicola Rizzoli Cards Guy Who’s Not Playing

Let me just say, Nicola Rizzoli is the Honey Badger of Serie A refereeing.

And if you’re not American and don’t know what that means, watch the video at the bottom of this post. (And you’re welcome for introducing you to the very best of American culture.)

You’re not even playing?

Rizzoli don’t care. Rizzoli doesn’t give a shit.

Rizzoli takes what he wants.

And if you’re Leonardo Bonucci, he wants to yellow card your stupid ass for coming onto the pitch during a celebration for a goal you had nothing to do with.

(To be fair to Bonucci, most Italian footballers must seem stupid to Mr. Fancy Pants Architect.)

The long and short of it is that Sebastian Giovinco scored at around the 15 minute mark. It was the first time since October that Giovinco had scored and everyone was really happy for him. Including Bonucci, who came out on the pitch, stood and faced his teammates – who were in the corner – and applauded politely.

He wasn’t so polite when Rizzoli showed him yellow a minute or so later. I don’t speak much Italian, but I know enough to know that none of those words were very nice.

Oh, by the way? To this point, Rizzoli had refereed three Juventus games, and showed a stupefying 19 yellow cards and two straight reds. So you’d think Juve would be a little more careful than to meander all over the pitch, celebration or not.

Rizzoli has been on a run of magnificent strangeness of late. He spent four minutes coddling Sassuolo and Roma players over a fantasy penalty kick appeal, and now this.

To be fair to Honey Badger Rizzoli, though, during the celebration, his add – Daniele Orsato – could be seen screaming and gesticulating wildly in Bonucci’s direction. My guess is Orsato made this particular call.

But Rizzoli don’t care.


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