Champions League Quarterfinal Referees: April 2

For the record, Mark Clattenburg is on fire this year.

Just when I said I suspected that there would be no non-World Cup referees in the Champions League quarterfinals, he comes up big for Real Madrid v. Dortmund.

It’s a shame, really. Howard Webb’s struggles are well-known, and Clatts is having the year of his life. If the last 6-9 months were all that mattered, Mark would be in Brazil and not Howard. But I suppose a big Champions League match – his second in the past two months – is some consolation prize.

Milorad Mazic of Serbia is going to the World Cup, and he’ll take PSG v. Chelsea.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 6.54.01 AM


Read how UEFA choose the Champions League referees.


  • Totally agree. Clattenburg is one of the most consistent officials in England and in my opinion deserves to go to Brazil over Webb.


    • I’d venture to say he’s the MOST consistent. Howard did well last year internationally, but he’s really suffered from poor form this year. It really sucks for Mark.


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